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Christmas Party: Christmas was celebrated with 50 childhood cancer patients and their families on 22nd December at the CPAA office. The red and white balloons set a festive mood for the party. The games, dancing, singing, entertainment programs and the prizes kept the children in great spirits throughout the evening.

The highlight of the day was Santas grand entry in an open jeep. All the children welcomed him by clapping, singing and cheering. They all wanted to be photographed with him. Santa more than obliged them and also distributed gifts and sweets. The party continued with food, fun and festivities.

Training Programme on Clinical Trials: CPAA's Shubha Maudgal was invited by the National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund to attend a 4 day training programme on Clinical Trials in Paris from 3rd to 6th December. Participants from all over the world attended. The intensive course included lectures on basic science, design of clinical trials, ethical issues, data safety monitoring, international issues, informed consent. Clinical trials are extremely important to cancer patients who need access to newer treatment options as existing modalities fail. Indian laws made it difficult for patients to get included in such trials. But recent change in legislation is paving the way to the possibility of greater involvement in future. It is therefore useful and necessary for NGOs like CPAA to understand the risks and benefits to help protect and project the rights of needy cancer patients. Participants got the unique opportunity to hear and interact with Dr. Dennis Slamon, who developed Herceptin as a targeted therapy for breast cancer as well as other well known lecturers.

Awareness Campaign for FedEx: CPAA conducted an awareness campaign for employees of FedEx at their office in Powai. 4 lectures were delivered by Drs. Shubha Maudgal and Shital Raval for male and female groups. Groups at FedEx branches in Chennai and Bangalore were also addressed by teleconference. About 100 people were covered.

Volunteer Training Programme: CPAA organised its tenth training programme for psyco-oncology volunteers in collaboration with the Times of India Foundation at the Nalanda Knowledge centre, TOI Building, CST from 16-18th December. 73 persons have undergone training in these sessions and now counsel patients at various hospitals. The programme has been found to be very useful for laypersons wanting to support the fight against cancer in their own way.

Participation in NGO Mela at St. Xavier's College: Piali Syam and Shital Raval displayed and sold CPAA Rehabilitation centre products at the NGO Mela organised by students of St. Xaviers College on 22nd December. This was also a good opportunity to spread awareness about cancer causing lifestyle factors. Leaflets, brochures and stickers were distributed.

Get-together of participants in Illness to Wholeness Retreat: In August, CPAA had organised a week long retreat for cancer patients and their caregivers in collaboration with Nilima and Vijay Bhat of Roots and Wings, Bangalore. Most of the participants came together again on the 28th to refresh their memories on what they had learnt and catch up on what the last few months had brought.

Distortion: Sneha Shenoi of CPAA facilitated CPAA's participation in an event organised by students of HR College, "Distortion". In this competition, 8 bands were twinned with 8 causes and competed for the spot of best band. The event provided CPAA with an opportunity to showcase our activities and spread awareness about the disease to a young audience.


Total amount spent on 244  patients - Rs. 3,80,845

Avon Walk Around The World For Breast Cancer Campaign: CPAA Delhi had the privilege of being invited to support the Avon walk Around The World for Breast Cancer crusade and also partner with Avon in the Breast Cancer Awareness programmes through the year 2009. This walk was flagged off from Hotel Crowne Plaza, Gurgaon on 7th December 2008. It was a historic walk since it was the first time that Avon had organized this walk in India, and CPAA was the first NGO invited by Avon to support them in this awareness campaign. Hundreds of people participated in this 3.5 km walk. The venue was decorated in pink and everyone wore pink T-shirts and caps. Flagging off the March were Sebastian Baku, Head of Avon Cosmetics India Pvt Ltd, Chief Guest, designer Leena Singh and Kiran Hukku, Director CPAA, Delhi. On flagging off the march there was a burst of pink balloons in the sky. Supporting the cause from CPAAs side were participants from Bharti Airtel, Covergys, SAP Solutions, Fedex Express, Lioness Club, Rotary Club, doctors and many other patrons. The highlight of the event were the 25 breast cancer survivors who came all the way from Ghaziabad and Faridabad to support the cause. A special CPAA kiosk helped answer queries on breast cancer and also to distribute self-breast examination leaflets and other literature. On this occasion CPAA Delhi launched a song on breast cancer awareness, composed, written and rendered by Vineet Panchhi. Also to support this cause Blue Mango Films presented CPAA with a film on Breast Cancer awareness.

Health Check-up Camp: On the 18th December a health check-up camp was organized at Agahpur Village, Sector 41, Noida. The camp was sponsored by Navsankalp Lioness Club. 200 men, women an children were screened. It was observed that many women had cervix infections mainly due to poor hygiene. It was alarming to note that most women did not use contraceptives and were anemic. The men suffered from problems related to tobacco consumption. The children suffered mainly from skin and upper respiratory infections. As always our health check-up camp was preceded by an awareness camp for women. 

Christmas Celebrations: Christmas was celebrated in the children's ward on the 24th December. Children from Millennium School came to visit the patients and spread cheer in the cancer wards. The school children sang Christmas carols and distributed sweets and chocolates to all the patients. We also distributed blankets donated by the NRI Institute. The children were gifted packets of goodies by Santa Claus. Our volunteers decorated the wards with a big Christmas tree while one of the patients dressed up as Santa Claus. The patients enjoyed interacting with the school children and Santa Claus and many danced and sang around the Christmas tree.


Forthcoming Events:

CanSupport is a Delhi-based NGO which focuses on home-based palliative care to people suffering from cancer in the NCR. It is organising the WALK FOR LIFE 2009 to take place on Sunday 15th Feb 2009 starting at 9 am. This is the second time the WALK is being organised, following the spectacular success of the WALK FOR LIFE 2008. The purpose of the WALK FOR LIFE is to raise funds for its pioneering palliative and support care services for people with cancer and to get ordinary people from all sections of society to express their concern about the growing scourge of cancer in our country by joining the walk and contributing towards the work of CanSupport. Click here to register or know more.


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