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International Impact

At the international level, CPAA is today recognized by the UICC (International Union against Cancer, Switzerland) as the largest cancer NGO of India. It recognizes and endorses the work of the society not merely because of its spread and reach and years of experience in the field, but because of the qualitative difference CPAA is making to peoples' lives.

One of the biggest honours came when CPAA was invited to be part of a brainstorming group of UICC or ‘The Think Tank' as they like to call it, to develop ideas on the UICC Individual Patient Membership structure. The deliberations covered subjects such as Potential Members, Benefits to Members, Membership fees, Governance etc. Another feather in CPAA's cap was when World Health Organisation (WHO) recognized the organization's efforts in fighting against tobacco by awarding our top ambassador, actor Viveik Oberoi for his contribution in the effort. CPAA is also a part of the organizing committee for the Reach to Recovery conference to be held in Mumbai in 2006 and the annual conference of International Society of Pediatric Oncology to be held in 2007.

CPAA Shines at International Forums:

UICC World Conference for Cancer Organizations – Ireland

The theme of the three-day event was ‘Working together – reaching new horizons'. The conference included plenary sessions and symposia on cancer-related subjects and covered topics such as improvement of the patient/family treatment experience; effective use of media for cancer campaigns; and research in cancer prevention and clinical trials. CPAA's representatives to the conference were Y.K. Sapru-Chairman, Rekha Sapru-Joint Secretary and Iva Athavia of Patient Care.

Swedish International Program – Sweden

The thrust of this initiative was a combination of studying and observation, giving and taking, learning and teaching on an international basis to increase professional knowledge in the field of social work. The programme was attended by Iva Athavia from Patient Care.

AACR Scientist-Survivor Program Annual Conference – USA

More than 15,000 participants from 60 countries gathered to discuss close to 6,000 abstracts and to hear more than 250 invited presentations on new and significant discoveries in basic, clinical and translation cancer research. The conference included scientific award lectures; grant writing workshops, networking events, and educational sessions. The Program identified and covered the latest advances in all areas of cancer research and the most important emerging research areas Y.K. Sapru, Chairman CPAA attended this power-packed meeting.

 AACR Scientist-Survivor Program-Educational Workshop – USA

This was an update on the latest techniques used in the diagnosis of cancer. The focus of this workshop was to disseminate the knowledge and new perspectives of early diagnosis and prevention. Anita Peter of the Director, CPAA attended this seminar.

Project Lead organized by the National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund – Madrid

Project LEAD (Leadership, Education and Advocacy Development) is an innovative science programme designed to train breast cancer activists. The intensive 5-day course was designed to help health workers effectively influence research and public policy in all the forums where breast cancer research decisions are made. Dr. Shubha Maudgal, Executive Director – Special Projects was CPAA's representative at the meet.

UICCs APCASOT Fellowship

The International Union Against Cancer (UICC) is the leading international non-governmental organization dedicated exclusively to the global control of cancer. Its vision is of a world where cancer is eliminated as a major life-threatening disease for future generations. UICC has spear-headed the creation of a global cancer control community. Through it's various programs it has created a conducive association of cancer agencies, NGO's, charitable trusts, pharmaceutical companies etc. It's mission is to deliver the best possible care to people living with cancer in every part of the world.

UICC Asia-Pacific Cancer Society Training Grants (APCASOT) is a program for staff or accredited volunteers of voluntary cancer societies located in the Asia-Pacific region. It's objective is to build cancer control capacity by participating in and learning from activities and campaigns conducted by established voluntary cancer societies in the region. CPAA is a one of the host's for this program along-with - The Cancer Council New South Wales, Sydney, Australia; The Cancer Council Queensland, Brisbane, Australia and Singapore Cancer Society, Singapore.

CPAA staff personnel who successfully completed the UICC Asia-Pacific Cancer Society Training Grants (APCASOT):

4th World Conference on Breast Cancer – Canada

The aim of this conference was to provide a platform to unite leading minds in the field of research and awareness and hundreds of dedicated volunteers across the world to share resources and insights on patient care. The conference dwelled at length on patient needs and how to motivate them during critical treatment phases as well as during the convalescing periods. Anamika and Jennifer Quadros from Patient Care team represented CPAA at this forum.

Addressing Cancer at the Global Level

CPAA's participation at international forums has been steadily increasing. CPAA considers this conversation across countries and cancer organizations an intrinsic part of developing and working towards common solutions to this worldwide challenge. Increasingly, our staff and team members have been invited to present papers and chair meetings at events around the globe. We present a round-up of one particular global conference to give you a flavour of CPAA's participation at such international events.

Anamika and Jennifer Quadros of Patient Care, CPAA, report...

The 4th World Conference on Breast Cancer at Halifax, Canada was an exciting dialogue on initiatives that have brought the people closer to a cure. It showcased the wonderful possibilities for treatment and prevention that lie on the horizon. The conference focused on patients' needs and how to interact with them in a positive manner...ideas on how to motivate them during difficult times. At the conference it became apparent that almost 80 per cent of all the delegates and attendees were breast cancer survivors. That was very inspiring. We met a lady who was a survivor for 15 years. It was quite unbelievable for us since we are so used to seeing people suffer a recurrence, followed by death. It did give us a ray of hope that at some point we will be able to see our patients living a long and happy life.

 The conference was a great learning experience for us. We met people from all over the world and learned more about their culture, lifestyle, social issues and concerns. We were able to project the scenario in Indian in realistic terms. India's changing social ethos and the huge challenge that lies in terms of awareness, diagnostic facilities and detection were also brought to light.