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CPAA: NGO's in India. India based NGO's dedicated to Cancer Care CPAA: NGO's in India. India based NGO's dedicated to Cancer Care
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Our Branches

CPAA has branches at Delhi and Pune. Although activities differ, each strives to achieve the common CPAA objective of Total Management of Cancer as a disease.

Delhi Branch: Contact us

The Delhi Branch was started by Mrs. Urmila Zutshi, a naval officer’s wife, who was associated with CPAA in Mumbai. When she moved to Delhi, she started CPAA activities in partnership with the Rotary Club at the Rotary Cancer Hospital. Mrs. Kiran Hukku, who is now the head of CPAA’s Delhi branch, has carried on from these initial efforts.

Since then, activities have been started at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), at Loknayak Jayprakash Narayan (LNJP) and Safdarjung Hospitals. At these three centres, CPAA provides medical aid, food, toys, books and counseling to cancer patients. Patients from Punjab, Rajasthan, Assam, Bihar and villages around Delhi, about 60,000 in all, have been provided assistance over the years. Activities of the branch are:

Patient Care: CPAA help patients at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) :

  • Medicine disbursement: Medicines such as chemotherapy drugs are disbursed to needy cancer patients referred by AIIMS doctors at the out-patient department of the hospital. Special provision has also been made to provide medicines in case of emergencies, to the patients. • Play room: A playroom is managed by CPAA’s social workers at the AIIMS hospital. Childhood cancer patients undergoing treatment and their accompanying siblings are welcome to spend time here. Games and toys are made available to keep them in a happy and stress free environment. The social workers try and involve the children in simple activities like craft, games, reading etc. Special activities are organised on Rose Day, Diwali, and Christmas.

  • Recreational room: The Rajgarhia Dharamshala (AIIMS) houses outstation patients, undergoing treatment in the city, along-with their care-givers. Thrice a week, CPAA runs various recreational activities for the inmates like yoga, arts and crafts, indoor and outdoor games, singing, dancing, education and lectures on hygiene and cleanliness, nutrition, story-telling, drawing and painting and handicraft. Important festivals and National Days are celebrated here with great fervor too.

  • Breast Cancer support: CPAA social workers visit patients who have undergone surgery for breast cancer, in AIIMS. Along-with counseling, they are informed about post surgery care and precautions, chemotherapy, diet and nutrition etc.

  • Several childhood cancer patients undergoing treatment at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) are adopted by the Global Charity Foundation (GCF), USA through CPAA's New Delhi branch. As one of our major donors, the mission of GCF is to Improve access to health care and education for those living in rural villages in India.

Ration Distribution: In the pediatric ward of AIIMS Hospital and other Dharamshalas, ration along-with toys and woolen clothing are distributed at regular intervals. On the first Thursday of every month ration is distributed to outstation patients staying in dharamshalas. Ration is given to approximately 1,000 patients per year.

Cancer Awareness and Detection: CPAA, Delhi holds health check up and cancer detection camps regularly in Delhi and NCR (National Capital Region of India). A mammogram van from Medanta Hospital is also present at camps for women where suspect cases are offered and instant mammogram on-site. Awareness lectures are conducted at schools, colleges and corporates by our panel doctors. However the main focus remains on under privileged areas.

Statistics (January – December 2011)
Camps organised:
Patients screened: 1,159
Suspected cases: 8

Shuttle Service: CPAA offers patients free shuttle service thrice a week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) between Ratila Gami Seva Sadan (Dharamshala) and All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). 1800 patient and their family members benefitted this year.

Events Calendar: The events observed and celebrated in 2011 were Fun Day, World Cancer Day, International women’s day, Holi, Breast Cancer campaigns with Avon Foundation, World No Tobacco day (WNTD), Independence Day, Rose Day, Survivors Day, Children’s Day, Diwali and Christmas. These programs provide a much needed relief and emotional outlet to the patients and their care-givers.


CPAA invites supporters to strengthen their hands and welcomes:

  • Dedicated volunteers
  • Suggestions in the interest of the patients care.
  • Donations in cash /kind.
  • Sponsorship for patient oriented events viz; Holi, Diwali and Christmas celebrations.
  • Sponsorship for fund raisers.

You can also help up in the following ways:

  1. Adopt Cancer Patients
  2. Donation of a van for shuttle service for the patients
  3. Sponsoring health check up camps, Rose Day, Fun Day, WNTD and other events
  4. Sponsoring the printing of all our stationary
  5. Giving space for our Rehabilitation/diagnostic center.
  6. Getting us space in the newspapers/magazines

You can send your donations by Cash/Cheque/Bank Draft to:
Cancer Patients Aid Association (Delhi Branch)
H/1572, Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi - 110 019
Tel: +91 11 2627 0470 / 2627 2298

'We are concerned with improving the quality of life if not the span of life, ' remarked Ms. Kiran Hukku. If you would like to contact CPAA’s Delhi branch, click here.


Pune Branch: Contact us

Pune branch was started in 1995 with the help of doctors from Inlaks and Buddhrani Hospital. Over the years we have extended our reach to other hospital like Sasoon, Ruby Hall Clinic, Jehangir Hospital, Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital, Cipla Palliative Care unit, Command Hospital, Sahyadri Hospital, Y.C.M. Hospital, Sahara Hospital and Bharti Hospital.

A. Patient Care:

  • Medicine disbursement: Chemotherapy Drugs are distributed to poor, needy cancer patients undergoing treatment at the above hospitals. Special provisions are made for special investigation for deserving patients.
  • Make a Cancer Patient Smile: Programmes are arranged to keep patients in their positive state of mind. This would help them to forget their pain for few hours. Programmes are also conducted at hospital for in-patients like singing, painting and magic shows etc.
  • Cancer Patients Aid Association staff counsel patients who have undergone surgeries they are informed about post surgery care and precautions about chemotherapy, radiation, diet and nutrition.

B. Ration Distribution: Every month ration consisting of food-grains, dry fruits and nutritional food supplements are distributed to patients. Toys, clothes, towels, shawls and utensils are distributed at festivals and special events.

C. Cancer Awareness and Detection: CPAA Pune branch holds detection camps regularly in and around Pune region. These camps are held at hospitals or at different venues like factories, bus depots, villages etc. Suspected cases are referred for further tests and investigations. Awareness lectures are also conducted at corporates, villages, self help groups, municipal workers and in the slums.

Statistics (January – December 2011):

  • 13 Camps organised

  • 816 Patients screened

  • 7 Suspected cases

D. Transport services are offered to patients to and from different hospitals.

E. Events Calendar: The events observed and celebrated in 2011 were World Cancer Day, International women’s day, World no Tobacco day (WNTD), Rose Day, Brest Cancer Month, Diwali and Christmas. These programs provide the much needed relief and emotional support to the patients and their relatives.

Several Celebrities from the movie world, cricket, have given their support during World No Tobacco Day and Rose Day by attending our events and mingling with Cancer patients. Notable among Bollywoods stars are Deven Verma, Kader Khan, Moon Moon Sen, Sonali Kulkarni, John Abrahim, Mukesh Khanna the ‘Shaktiman’, Vrijesh Hirji, Pooja Bedi, Criketer Hrishikesh Kanitkar, Smruti Irani and many more.

Hamaari Baaten: A newsletter called ‘Hamaari Baatein’ is published bi-monthly which covers the activities, latest news and articles of interest. Today Cancer Patients Aid Association’s Pune branch has the support of a number of companies and individuals.

You can send your donations by Cash/Cheque/Bank Draft to:

Cancer Patients Aid Association (Pune Branch)
8, Uttam Tower, Above Nene Hospital, Nagar Road, Pune - 411 006
Tel: +91 20 3250 0350 Fax: +91 20 2669 6636