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Colors of Life - Exhibition & Sales of Paintings by Indian Masters - 2005

Give a child crayons and paper and they will create a multicolored flower or sunrise or rainbow using every last colour available in the box. But not children with leukemia. Time after time, during the play group CPAA runs for children suffering from cancer, when we put a paint brush in their hands, they choose the browns, the greys and the blacks reflecting the atmosphere, the tension, the pain they and their family go through. Their situation is doubly tragic because they often suffer from conditions which could be treated and cured....if only they received proper treatment. Treatment which unfortunately, is expensive and prolonged.

As you know, CPAA has been working for the past 35 years towards the 'Total Management of Cancer" as a disease. We have come across many children who fought their disease with courage and cheer and who proved to be an inspiration for us rather than the other way around. They were the premier motivational factor behind the fund raising art exhibition, "Colours of Life".

We named this exhibition "Colours of Life" because children suffering from cancer are denied the colours we take for granted. The exhibition was an attempt to raise funds for the treatment of children suffering from cancer. We first hit upon this idea last year but the stars were apparently not in our favour. This year all the elements fell in place. Ms. Phiroza Godrej of Cymroza consented to give us the use of her gallery. Ms. Niyatee Shinde of Turmeric Earth gave her valuable time, energy, boundless wisdom and experience to curate the exhibition. Mr.Piyush Pandey of O&M agreed to design our catalogue. Mr.Khurshed Poonawalla of Comart photographed the works and Jehangir Surti of Prodon printed the catalogue and the invitation. Fifty eight renowned artists, despite their extremely busy schedule, were kind enough to donate their work for this exhibition. Mr. K.B.S Anand of Asian Paints agreed to sponsor the catalogue and when the cost exceeded expectations, gave us what we required more. We encountered goodness and generosity at all steps and our gratitude to them cannot be expressed in words.

The exhibition was inaugurated on the 15th March by the Honourable Governor of Maharashtra, Shri S.M. Krishna and was well attended. Over the next three days, most of the works were snapped up by art lovers from all walks of life. As a result, we were able to raise substantial funds which will enable us to meet our goal of creating a fund for treatment of children suffering from cancer. Our heart felt thanks to all the generous caring people who supported our cause.