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Colors of Life - Exhibition & Sales of Paintings - 2006

For the second consecutive year, Cancer Patients Aid Association takes pride in bringing to you, "Colours of Life" an art exhibition and sale with a difference because it's for the cause of children with cancer. Art from the subcontinent has captured the imagination of the entire world. The past year has seen Indian art selling at ever-increasing prices and Indian artists have become personally famous. Yet for the artists themselves, their talent is a God given gift and not a money making vehicle. Today's successful artists have struggled earlier on in their careers and enormous sacrifices have been made by themselves and their family members to nurture the gift. Yet whenever society has appealed to them, the artists have given generously. As CPAA found this year as well as last.

Twenty years ago, not many people knew much about cancer but today almost every family has been touched. Mothers, sisters, fathers, brothers and friends have been lost to this disease. And the loss brings with it a desire to fight back, to find out why, a need to do something to ensure that some time in the future humanity need not endure this pain. Artists are no strangers to this universal experience.

Through the art exhibition and sale held for the first time in 2005, we were able to reach out and support the treatment of 194 children suffering from cancer as against the previous average number of 98. This year, too we put in all efforts to ensure a great show. 73 Artists from 5 nations (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka & South Africa) participated in COLOURS OF LIFE. 

SOME OF THE PAINTINGS AVAILABLE FOR SALE [ Click on the image to enlarge ]

Panchali  - Anindita Singh  Sudheshna & Sairandhni -  Anuradha Thakur  Mother of Fantastic Five - Chandrima Bhattacharyya Mother of Hundred Hoodlums - Chandrima Bhattacharyya
 Self Portrait- Deepti Naval Draupadi - Deepti Naval Sketch - Fatima Ahmed Songs of Silence 
-Jayita Borthakur
Lawn - Kavita Deuskar The clown and I
 - Lalitha Lajmi
Gandhari & Duryodhan - Manisha Patil  
Unthreading Draupadi -Padma Reddy Gandhari - fight against life  - Padma Reddy Passion Season - Pampa Panwar Spring  Semester- Pampa Panwar
A. Rajeshwar Rao Matsyagandha  
- Shubha Gokhale
Virendra Shah Virendra Shah