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Get Fit with Every Skip! Champion a Worthy Cause!

A first of its kind event, Skip-a-thon, 'Skip- for- a- cause' activity where school students were educated, encouraged and channelized into raising funds for Rose Day 2013, was a huge success. Fifteen schools participated with amazing results. Childhood obesity and life-style diseases have become a major concern. A sedentary life pushing buttons is getting our kids nowhere. Skip-a-thon was a fun initiative to drive kids towards health-consciousness, while growing the spirit of volunteerism.

Thank you for your participation:

Antonio De Souza High School (Anza) DPYA School Our Lady Home School
Avabai Petit School JBCN International School, Parel R.N.Podar School
Canosa Convent JBCN, Borivali St Isabels School
Cathedral & John Cannon School Lady Of Remedy High School St Micheal, Mahim
Diamond Jubilee High School Secondary MSB Educational Institute St Teresa Convent

Skip-a-thon Culminating Event:

Date: Saturday, July 12, 2014
Venue & Time: To be announced
Event flow : Felicitation of winners
Culminating Event details : Each school to nominate 20 students from class V to IX in the
following categories.
  • Creativity : 5 kids
  • Endurance : 5 kids (your top skippers as this is a test of
  • Relay : 5 kids to participate in a team
  • Cheer leaders : 5 kids

Please fill up the details in the form below and click "SEND" to register your participation in the Skipathon Culminating Event.

Alternatively, you can click here to download a soft copy of the same which should be duly filled and emailed back to us at: with the subject 'School Registration for Skip-a-thon'.

Note: Last Date of submitting forms for School registration is 30th June 2012

Name of School :
Contact Details:
Telephone: Fax:  Email:
Coordinating Teacher
Names of 5 Child Representatives in the respective categories as mentioned below:
Creativity Endurance Relay Cheer Leaders















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